In my commercial art work I work with my clients to determine what they need. I view this work as a collaboration. When their project succeeds, everyone wins. 
I have been working this way for over 20 years and have helped many clients with their projects.
 How can I help you?
If you see a piece of art on the site that you are interested in purchasing, send me an email me and we can discuss it.
I am always seeking new freelance projects. I also take commission work.
EDUCATION: BFA, the University of Connecticut, 1988
AWARDS/RECOGNITION: American Illustration 27 + 28, 3X3 Magazine’s 6th Annual Proshow, Addy awards, Print’s Regional Design Annual, Los Angeles Society of Illustrators-LA West 35 Show Selection, the Society of Publication Designers, Simon Rockower Award-Jewish American Press Assoc. and the San Francisco Society of Illustrators​​​​​​​
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